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    Okay so the creation of the Gallery posts via the CT Gallery now makes sense (although quite odd because the guidance that is provided implies that Media Library photos can be used)

    I don’t have the option to drag and drop a gallery post on to side bar.

    The widget has an edit button and this allows me to specify the location (ie the sidebar to position to the widget, with a option to select one gallery from the list.

    This is the bit that doesn’t work. Nothing appears on the website when selected.

    Basically what I am trying to create is a recent galleries section that shows 6 galleries that when clicked on takes the visitor directly the associated gallery.

    Just like the bottom righthand section of your demo site illustrates. This is th main reason I purchased the theme.

    So far nothing I have tried has worked.

    in reply to: Featured Gallery Widget on Homepage #15989

    Now I am confused.

    I click on CT Galleries
    Then Click on Add New
    Upload the images (choice here is upload from computer or use existing Media library)
    Then I assign Feature Image
    and Publish

    THe Galleries appear on the gallery page (well at least the Feature Images do)
    When you click on the feature image to enter the Gallery if I have loaded from the Computer they appear. If I have used the photos in my media library they do not appear.

    When I add the CatchTheme Featured Gallery Widget the galleries are listed but it doesn’t matter which one I select when the Widget is added to a Sidebar (it doesn’t matter which one) nothing shows up on the website!

    Also the format of the Gallery and their presentation appears to be fixed, it complete ignores the Jetpack Carousel settings is this correct?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)