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    @Sakin: Thank you. Yes, taking help from professionals is a good advice, it seems. 🙂 I realize that I know even less about PHP than what I thought.

    Thank you.

    TJ Braatveit

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    I feel my initial questions need some more explanations. I also have a couple of comments to your response.


    Universal design has seen a growing focus in the Scandinavian countries during the recent years. Web accessibility is not an exception. As the responsible person for running the website for SAF – which is a small non-profit organization for blind and partially sighted people with higher education – my project is to upgrade our website so that it stand out as a fully accessible, universally designed website, usable for everyone.


    We who are working with our website landed on Simple Catch Pro as our theme of choice, since it in almost every aspect fulfills our needs. My first message contained a list of the relatively few details we would like to see changed, so that the theme would work even better for us.


    To your responses 4 and 5, i have further comments:

    4) Yes, we need to make both the logo and the Site Name link as
    sometime, people only keep logo without the site name and vice verse.

    My comment: Yes it is good that you can either or. However the objects could
    still be the same link. According to Accessability reasons it is very
    important to reduce unnecessary links. And several links aiming for the
    same goal is considered unnecessary.

    5) I don’t understand why tagline shoudn’t be coded as H2.

    My comment: Headings should be used to structure content. A H1-heading has content
    underneath, a H2-heading has content underneath and so on. For
    accessibility reasons, a user using a screen reader are jumping between
    the headings to navigate between the content. Headings used in the wrong
    way will therefore mislead users. The tagline is no heading and has no
    content underneath.
    Something that I haven’t commented on until now, but which confuses me a bit, it the main page heading. Why is that heading made as a link? Even though people use site navigation tools like WP-PageNavi, they should be able to click on the page number they want to go to, so I do not see the reason why the main heading should be a link. Could you please explain this? It is also quite unusual, as far as I have seen, since most WordPress themes do not use this. Is there a way that I easily can remove the link from the main page heading?


    Best regards,


    Tore Johnny

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    Hello, and thank you for your reply.


    Two things I would like to comment a little further:


    I haven’t been precise enough in my description about the not translated string related to the search box. Therefore:

    I have done the changes I want regarding the text for the search field and the search button in the theme settings. However, (as I read it) right above the search box it still says “Type keyword” (not “Enter keyword” as I mistakenly wrote). The following is the start of the front page, as presented by the screen reader software:


    Synshemmede Akademikere – SAF | Fremmer likestilling av synshemmede akademikere

    Synshemmede Akademikere – SAF H1
    Fremmer likestilling av synshemmede akademikere H2
    Type Keyword


    Then follows the search box with the text in Norwegian as entered in the theme settings by me. So, maybe this “Type keyword” message is not meant to be visible at all, or if it is, it should preferrably be possible to translate among the other translatable strings in the theme.


    Concerning my comment about the h2 tag on the website tagline: I do not see the point to make this a heading, because it has no value for navigation. When I use the “list headings” feature in the screen reader, I do that to be able to navigate quickly to a given heading on the page where I want to set focus there to begin reading the content related to that heading. The tagline has no content related to it, except the tagline text itself, and is therefore rather worthless as a heading.


    In most cases I complain about headings that are not properly programmed as heading. This time I find myself complaining on a heading thet I think should not be a heading – for a change. 🙂


    But as I say; I like the theme, and it generally does a great job for my website.


    Best regards,

    Tore Johnny

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    Thank you very much.

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