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    Hello! I appreciate this theme and your communication and help.
    There have been of updates lately (WP, phone iOS, browsers), so I don’t know which of those updates are the cause of this issue. The Menu — when viewed on Mobile iPhone — is no longer working properly. It WAS functioning properly before the updates.

    The specific issue is — tested on both Safari and Chrome on mobile iPhone — the page does not move to the Menu items when the Menu items are tapped on. Instead, the Menu has to be exited (clicking the “x” or “Done”) before the selected Menu page will show up. This is counter-intuitive and confusing and took me awhile to figure out. (The previous rendition, before the various updates, which worked properly was such that when someone taps on the Menu item it brings them straight to the selected page. This is no longer happening on the Mobile iPhone.)

    I am on the very latest versions (as of today) of WordPress, the browsers, Catch Evolution Theme, and phone iOS. Since I have not made any changes specifically to the display of the Menu, I’m assuming this is an incompatibility with the Theme with one of those various Updates, since the Menu was working well before all of those updates.

    If the issue is not clear to you, I can submit specific site and screenshots via email at your request.

    Thank you for your help, and wishing you well.


    @Consciousness: Please post in your site URL here and then I can check that for you. It’s not theme issue, as you can see demo in our site is working fine http://catchthemes.com/demo/catch-evolution/. Also you can check demo from WordPress.org official demo site http://wp-themes.com/catch-evolution/


    Hi Sakin,
    Thank you for your communication and help. I tested out the links you gave on the Phone version and they are behaving exactly the same way as my site – i.e. the Menu is not functioning properly, in the way explained in my original post — tapping a Menu item does NOT navigate to that page. I will message you with my site link and screenshots so they are not public here.

    Thank you~

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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