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    Goodmorning. I am using catch evolution pro for a couple of months and am really happy with it!
    The last month I tried to create a landing page. …
    Without success. How can I disable the menu and header for just one page? Any idea?
    I know how to disable the widgets and other stuff. I do want to keep the menu and header for the other pages, so I cannot disable them completely!
    Thanks in advance!


    @Sandra: You can hide it by using custom css. But if you want to remove it, then you need to build child theme and then add condition in header.

    So, can you post in your site URL and let me know in which page you want to hide menu and header.


    Thanks for the info!
    a Landing Page is not fixed. It just is a page without distractions such as a menu or heading! So a complete blank page that I can use.
    This means that I probably need custom css.
    I need to promote some items and they are different every time!
    And the page layout will be different too for every promotion.
    So if you can help me how to customize it for a page it would be great!
    As I understand it is a child theme a kind of second theme you can use.
    I am not looking for that. I just need to change a page now and then.
    Thanks in advance.


    @Sandra: At least, you should have post in your site site URL and let me know the elements that you want to hide it so that I can guide you. For now I can just give you example. First, you need to find that page ID. To find id, you can install Catch IDs plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/catch-ids/. Then you can hide using that page ID. For example, you can see the following css is used to hide page 2 header elements such as Fixed header menu, header, header image and header menu. You can just change that 2 to the page ID that you want and then add it in “Appearance => Theme Options => Custom CSS” box:

    .page-id-2 #fixed-header-top,
    .page-id-2 #branding,
    .page-id-2 #header-image,
    .page-id-2 #header-menu {
        display: none;

    Hi Sakin!

    Sorry for this very late reply.
    The code you gave was exactly what I was looking for!!
    Thank you so much.

    I am now playing around with other CSS coding. Really nice to do.
    The only thing I can’t get right is a background image. The URL thing does not work.
    It works though if I put in in without coding. I need to fiddle around with that.

    Again a big thank you.


    @Sandra: That’s great 🙂

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