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    My name is Wes and I am a graphic designer. I like this theme a lot for showcasing some of my work, but I’m having issues rendering the Featured Image Header as it’s displayed in the Demo. I currently own the Free Version, but I am committed to purchasing PRO if my content fits well.

    I’ve set up my Portfolio section properly, up to the point where I have run into this issue: LINK

    All the Portfolio Thumbnails are blank! Whaaat? So, I went in to edit the Projects and discovered that the thumbnails for the Portfolio is contingent on the presence of a Featured Image. Love that. Makes sense. So, while keeping the Cover Block active, I inserted a Featured Image so I can emulate what I see is happening HERE; however, my results look different: Compare HERE.

    See how the Featured Image within the Denver Collective Nights Project is appearing both as the Header (what we want) but also slightly below the header in thumbnail fashion (what we DON’T want) and above the old cover block?

    So, my question: How do I keep the custom Project Featured Image Header AND the Home Page Portfolio thumbnail as seen in the Demo?

    Thank you,

    TLDR; the Featured Image Header in my Portfolio Projects on my website does NOT match the Demo (free version of both).


    @dubsnoyes: Hello Wes,
    Can you please post in your site URL so that I can look into the issue?

    Kind Regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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