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    I have used some of the custom CSS info you advised on Homepage Header thread. That has been a great help. Would you please advise examples for custom css for

    Header area Change the header search box background, and also the input text colour so a contrast will be visible

    /* For Header search box Background Color */

    /* For Header search box assistive text and text */

    /* For Footer Background Color */

    /* For Footer text and links Colors   eg Copyright and powered by text and links colour*/


    Thank you


    @Peter: It would have been easier if you have send me the color code for each element. For now I will just give you general color code. You change the color code as per you need.

    I don’t see Search on your header. Here goes the css for Footer as below:

    /* For Footer Background and Font Color */
    #site-generator { background: none #000000; color: #ffffff; }
    /* For Footer link Color */
    #colophon a { color: #999999; }


    Hi Sakin Thanks for the footer info, Sorry I should have added colour codes, thought if simple generic it would assist others in the trail.

    I had the search disabled temporarily because it is a dark blob – I tried adding (below)
    (changing to E4FEFFB , worked in Firebug but when I added to custom CSS no change, obviously want to have on focus also.
    #branding #s {
        background: url(“images/search.png”) no-repeat scroll 10px 7px #E4FEFFB;}  this worked in firebug

    Thanks for the footer CSS, Pete




    Sakin, I was missing a } in a custom css above the mod I was entering so it was negating my addition.

    this works now

    /* change header search box bg */

    #branding #s {
    background-color: #FFFFAA;

    /* change search box bg when selected */
    #branding #s:focus {
    background-color: #F4FFFB;


    Hi I was wondering if it is possible to have the footer always at bottom of large Screens.

    eg, an exaggeration example see http://www.stradbrokebeachhouse.com.au/test/

    on pages with minimal content the footer is high up the screen, looks strange.

    Is it a CSS alignment possible, if so can you recommend Custom CSS to align at bottom, thank you Peter


    @Peter: For this you need to take the help from CSS developer. Try http://jobs.wordpress.net/ or http://bit.ly/YANvfZ


    Hi Sakin

    I have managed to create the desired effect with the following, it did require adding a couple of line breaks following contact form, and other pages bottom content to be displayed above the footer, (just a bigger scroll, apart from that it seems ok. Maybe someone can do more efficiently.

    /*  stick footer to bottom of screen – especially for short content pages */
    #footer-main {
    position: fixed;
    width: 100%;
    bottom: 0;

    This does however cause footer to always be visible at bottom of screen on all pages regardless of amount of content.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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