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    I also sought some visualization troubles on IE8 on XP and IE9 on Vista (all perfect on IE10 Win 7 and all decent browsers). In last days I fought with CSS with only partial results, try this in Custom CSS:

    #header-content {
    margin-top: 0;
    margin-right: 0;
    margin-bottom: -7px;
    margin-left: 0;
    padding: 0;


    You were right: the hosting company recently applied restrictions to accessing xmlrpc.php file from outside, to increase security. All solved, feel free to close this issue.

    Thank you again, cheers!


    Thank you for your fast answer, Sakin.

    The English strings in the screenshots are enough, because the only clear messages returned are “Forbidden”, “Forbidden Access” and “Error 403” when saving a post, and “Error 404” when uploading an image. The Italian parts of the screenshots are not relevant.

    Two sys admins my friends suggested me few hacks with mod_security in the .htaccess file, but the only results were “500 Internal Server Error”:

    SecFilterEngine Off
    SecFilterScanPOST Off


    <Files xmlrpc.php>
    SecFilterInheritance Off


    <IfModule mod_security.c>
    SecFilterRemove 114

    Here some old talks on a similar problem:

    The blog I’m talking about is, self hosted in a normal shared hosting.

    I must add that both my two friends have many blogs and they usually post through iPad and iPhone without any problem. Some of their blogs are (this latter is on my very same hosting!)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)