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    Hey out there. My issue concerns the My Music Band Pro widgets
    • Portfolio
    • Featured Content
    • Hero Content
    • Promotion Headline
    • Band Members
    • Testimonials
    Basically the bug effects all widgets, which includes the Type “Custom” and so a “Content”-field.

    To re-create the Bug: Create a Elementor page (I use Elementor Pro) with content and make it your homepage. Choose one of the widgets listed above. Then select Type “Custom” and write something in the field “Content”.

    This is what happens (here you’ll find the screenshots):Screenhsots with Bug and also Source Code

    Offline – in WordPress/ Customizer:
    As soon as the “Content” field is filled, the complete Elementor CCS plus Elementor page content is visible inside the widget content area. Plus the Elementor page content is shown on the page itself. The content of the Elementor page is then displayed 2 times in total on one page – in the widget and in the place where it should be.
    You won’t see the Elementor-CSS online, but the Elementor page content is still shown twice (see screenshot)

    The problem does not exist if you choose a different type, e.g. Page or Post. AND: If a “Title” field belongs to the content, I can still enter the title WITHOUT triggering the issue. Only as soon as I enter the content, the Elementor CSS plus content is shown.

    I am used to work with source code. So I tried to figure out where the problem might be to fix it myself. But I don’t know how.
    So, for every widget I mentioned, there is a
    `<div class=”entry-summary”>
    , which refers to the Content field/ type Custom. The Elementor content is put inside this div-area (which is A LOT OF CODE! – see screenshots I put on the page with the link above). I made two screenshots for you – one is to compare the codes, if you write/don’t write something inside the Content field.

    Maybe somebody can help me with this. Thanks a lot and Happy New year 🙂


    @monikah: Hello Monika,
    Can you please try deactivating all the plugins except Elementor and check if the issue is resolved?

    Let me know if the issue persists!
    Kind Regards,


    Hey Skandha,
    thanks for your answer – and Happy New Year!

    Just to be sure: You mean deactivating plugins like Catch Gallery, Yoast SEO and stuff? Cause when I installed My Music Band (before I had Pro) it was told that specific plugins are recommended for it (I can’t remember which ones). I installed them all. And a few other I needed. In total I use 15 plugins.

    And also: If I deactivate them and later activate them again – is there a possibility that the design might be broken?

    Kind regards,


    @skandha Hey Skandha,

    I forgot to address you in my last post.

    So, I deactivated all the plugins except Elementor and Elementor Pro. The issue still occurs. Other ideas?

    Have a nice day,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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