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    Can not post or edit postspages,,comments,widget.

    Can not add new posts, pages, widget

    Does catch  pro work with worpress version 5 or are ther problems?

    Help: [email protected]


    Hi Rich – a quick change over to one of the default WordPress themes that comes with 3.5 will give your answer. Try 2011 or 2012. If postings etc work there, you may have a problem with the theme, but almost always – WordPress updates that result in your situation are usually the result of corruptions of files or the data base during the update.

    All my sites have updated fine, but I don’t have the pro version. I’ve seen several problems with the 3.5 update across the WordPress community (not just Catch themes)

    – Some simple things to try – shut down your browser and restart (sometimes your browser cache will point to previous pages)

    – log off your admin wordpress page and re-logon



    I’ve tried many way to but same problem:

    deleted files in explorer,  same problem in wordpress

    Tried firefox 17, same problen in wordpress

    tried difference computer & ipad, same problem in wordpress

    Tech person difference location login, same problem

    He change theme to 20/12 same problem

    he said, “downgrade wordpress” wait for bug fixes













    Hi Rich

    Suggest you check out for support. Here’s a link to a similar issue from another WordPress user. Possible something here can help you.

    They also have info on installing or returning to previous versions.

    It’s a great reminder for all of us to make sure to back up all wordpress files and database “before” doing an update.

    Here are some things that might be useful if the info at doesn’t help:

    check to see if you can see your wordpress file structure via ftp.
    try renaming your “plugin” directory to something other than “plugin” and then try accessing your wp-admin logon. If this works, you have a corrupted plugin
    If all else fails, download the latest copy of wordpress from and upload it via ftp to your site.
    contact your hosting company and ask if they have a back-up of your database (do this soon as they usually role over backups on a regular base. If you can get a copy of your database, Source the previous copy of WordPress you know worked and copy files to your server – then install you database on your server via SQL Admin

    Not for the faint of heart, but there may be light in there some where. Hopefully some of this info helps out.

    Good luck!



    @Rich2337: There has been lot of known issues in WordPress Version 3.5. This is not our theme problem.

    See this :

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