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    Things were looking great and then, poof! my sidebar disappeared.
    I searched the forum and found this post

    and read this answer….
    Yes theme option setting is for overall settings. But Page/post setting will be given priority and will overwrite the theme options settings.

    So I went in each page and chose right sidebar. I did a blogger migration and that seemed to go just fine, then I tried to add a social icon to a text box in my sidebar and poof something happened and it all just disappeared.

    I also switched themes to twenty eleven, deleted and re-uploaded catch everest pro and that didn’t work either.

    here’s my site

    How can I get my sidebar back…boo hoo.

    This wordpress is harder than it looks!


    I just checked disable responsive design and now my sidebar is back. Should I be concerned about disabling responsive design?


    @interiorsalvage: I just check in your site and you have responsive enable as well as sidebar is there. This is not the issue of the theme and WordPress. But instead the issue with your WP Super Cache plugin. Whenever, you make any major changes then you should clear the cache from the setting of WP Super Cache plugin.


    Oh, guess I better do some additional training. Thanks for responding. I’m getting there. Just realized I have a message saying my theme is broken. I do remember seeing your answer on the forum regarding broken themes. Boy is there a lot learn!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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