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    I think, I could need a helping hand here.

    I want to change text and signs in the single-post-navigation. Now, at the end of a post stays “previsous” and “next”. I want to change the words to a German equivalent. Also the two long arrows to a kind of this one: << and >>. I looked through the theme-php files, but couldn`t find a corresponding entry.

    As little extra feature, where I dont know if there is an easy way to do that. Well, I have wp-page-navi installed, its working fine. May be a reader clicks through some pages and on page 3 he choose an article/ post. After reading that posting, I want to give him a link, that you can go backward to the last page-number, where the article was listed. Like he`s clicking backward in his browser. Is there any easy way to do that?

    Thanks a lot.
    Kind regards


    @robertk: You’ll need to create a child theme for this. You can find more details on creating child theme HERE. Then in your child theme’s functions.php add the following codes.

    function clean_magazine_post_navigation() {
    		$options	= clean_magazine_get_theme_options();
    		$disable_single_post_navigation = isset($options['disable_single_post_navigation']) ? $options['disable_single_post_navigation'] : 0;
    		if ( !$disable_single_post_navigation ) {
    			// Previous/next post navigation.
    			the_post_navigation( array(
    				'next_text' => '<span class="meta-nav" aria-hidden="true">' . __( 'Next &gt&gt', 'clean-magazine-pro' ) . '</span> ' .
    					'<span class="screen-reader-text">' . __( 'Next post:', 'clean-magazine-pro' ) . '</span> ' .
    					'<span class="post-title">%title</span>',
    				'prev_text' => '<span class="meta-nav" aria-hidden="true">' . __( '&lt&lt Previous', 'clean-magazine-pro' ) . '</span> ' .
    					'<span class="screen-reader-text">' . __( 'Previous post:', 'clean-magazine-pro' ) . '</span> ' .
    					'<span class="post-title">%title</span>',
    			) );

    Note: If you want to use German equivalent of Next and Previous, you can replace Next and Previous in the above code with your desired words.

    And about the other feature you’ve mentioned above, I recommend you to hire a customizer.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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