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    I have an issue with the mobile navigation on

    If I view the webpage on my smartphone I can click on the menu icon to fold out the menue. As you can see, there are menu-items with sub- and subsub-menu-items.
    If I click on e.g. “Contact”, subpages fold out: I see “Our Office in Stuttgart”, “Our office in Reutlingen” and “Contact from”.

    Problem: i cannot click on “Contact” to see this page (because it has subpages) and I also cannot click on “Our Office in Stuttgart” (because it has subpages as well).

    Is there a workaround. I used other templates that provide a little arrow if the page has subpages. That enables me to decide if I click on the page itself or on the arrow icon to open the subpages.

    Can you help please???

    Kind regards


    @9punkt2: Are you using some plugin for the menu. This is not the default menu of the theme. You’ll need to contact the plugin author for the issue.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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