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    I’m hoping that I can get some help with some recent issues to this theme.  First, the Featured Images for the Galleries pages now appear at the top of the particular Gallery page that the image is associated with.  They didn’t use to do that before.  Second, the Header Image seems to not change quite as often as it used to.  You can refresh the page several times and still be stuck with the same picture.  I know a recent update was done to the theme, but I don’t recall exactly when the update was released.

    Please view my site in order to see the issues I’ve mentioned.






    Hi Steven,

    1. About the featured image, it used to be there from the beginning. We haven’t updated that. Maybe previously you didn’t add a featured image. You can add the following CSS in the “Appearance => Customize => Additional CSS” box to hide featured image on the single portfolio page:

    .single .portfolio-thumbnail { display: none; }

    2. The header image is not changing as you have WP Fastest Cache plugin installed. This will make it the same as it servers the cache page.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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