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    Hi All

    I have got the following Problem with my page:
    – I installed catch evolution free
    – I customized the file “catchevolution-themeoptions-default” at the line
    “Copyright © 2013 Club Seduction. All Rights Reserved.” by attaching the letters “xyz
    – I deleted the letters in the editor again and saved. But when i open my side the Letters are still there.

    I tryed to fix this issue by
    – Delete Browser Cache
    – Using different Browser
    – Delete “catchevolution-themeoptions-default” and install new
    – Overwrite “catchevolution-themeoptions-default
    – Delete Theme and install again

    Any ideas?


    @Black_Bird: Now I think it’s already added in your database and we don’t recommend you to change any core theme files. All your changes in your core theme files will be reverted back to original when you update the theme. So, for CSS changes you can simply add in “Appearance => Theme Options => Custom CSS” box and for detail functions changes, you need to build child theme and edit there.

    To fix your issues, you need to add the following Code in theme-options.php. This this files, search for catchevolution_theme_options_validate function and inside that function, you can add it in the line before return $input_validated;

    //data validation for reset more
    if ( isset( $input['reset_more_tag'] ) ) {
        global $catchevolution_options_defaults;
        $defaults = $catchevolution_options_defaults;
        $input_validated[ 'footer_code' ] = $defaults[ 'footer_code' ];

    After you add this code and save your theme-options.php, you need to change settings in “Appearance => Theme Options” then it will revert back to default.



    Thank you very much!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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