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    Is there a way to make the featured content images all be unified in their dimension size instead of using the original image dimensions? For example, all images display at Dimensions: 420 x 283 pixels (post thumbnail dimensions) or 100 x 100?

    You may see what I mean when you look at the featured content on my site



    @jamesmillerlifeology: Hello James,
    Can you try uploading featured image of recommended size 420*283px or of similar aspect ratio and check if this resolved your issue.

    Kind Regards,


    Yes, if I were to manually upload a photo with that dimension then it would change it. I was wondering if there is a code you could give me to write in the “additional css” section to resolve this. Currently, the featured content section pulls from the default photo dimension. I have a plugin that crops all of my photos for the theme’s photo display options. I don’t want to upload a new featured photo with the 420*283px dimensions because it would not display the full-featured photo in the post.



    @jamesmillerlifeology: I don’t think additional CSS would work in this case as it would only restrict the image size but the image would be cropped in such a way that it wont look good.

    You can upload larger image size of around 840*556px or similar aspect ratio so that the image looks good on the featured content section as well as in the single post/page.

    Let me know if this helps you out!
    Kind Regards,



    I am running into this exact issue. Would rather not have to crop each image to be the same size only for them to look good in the featured blog content on Homepage, when I want them to be different sizes on the single post pages. Especially since I will be handing the site over to someone who will not know how to do this, and they will be adding posts and images all the time. Are there any plugins or anything else I can use to fix this issue?



    Imajons. I use Crop Thumbnails as a plugin to adjust all my images for this theme. However, it doesn’t work for the featured content display since that would have to be changed by the developer.

    Here is the plugin that works well for my site.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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