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    not sure how to explain this – but trying to use jetpack’s “custom css” to just override a couple little things without going as far as a child theme… (tho, i will if that’s the solution)…

    the theme appears to do something funny with the css… like regenerating a new version for certain pages? is that possible?

    eg. on some pages (viewing with inspect element) i see this as the css location

    whereas some pages do not use that.. the jetpack css does not seem to be included on blog/category pages, and using the “custom css” in the theme options doesn’t work either for those…

    so 3/4 of my site has the font and sizes i want, and the news section and other POST related content (pages seem fine) do not.

    any ideas?


    Hi @somethingelse,

    For overriding theme style, you can use theme’s Custom CSS. Go to “Dashboard=> Appearance=> Customize=> Theme Options=> Custom CSS” box and add your desired CSS.
    Regenerating new version of page? no its not possible with CSS. May be some plugins is creating the issue. Please try deactivating the plugins and check if it fixes the issue.
    Can you please clarify more on the issue with your site url.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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