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    I have been using Chicago Pro for some time and would like to renew the license key for another year. However I would like to add the subdomain ( to the domain (  For some other themes I found info that I can use the one license key “for unlimited domain/test sites that you own.”
    Please kindly confirm if Chicago Pro

    • also works for multisite (plugins, settings etc applied in the network are also applied in subdomain)
    • updates will be automatically applied on and during the subscription period
    • changes in layout, menus features on dare not translated into and vice versa



    @lscatchme: Sorry we don’t have an unlimited license.

    * If you want to use the theme in multiple sub-domain then you can install the theme and do “Network Enable”.
    * So, you need 2 licenses. One for your main domain and another for your subdomain multi-site installation.
    * Yes, the layout in one installation will not be translated in another installation.



    @sakinshrestha : thank you for feedback, I will have two licenses then. yes, it is network enabled, working in multi-site


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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