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    Wait, beyond upgrading to the “Pro” version, you also have to pay an extra fee to access the “premium support” forum?


    Nope, from what I’ve read, you purchase the pro version and you gain access to the pro versions private board.

    Seems an ingenious way to ensure that people who steal this theme, don’t easily find support for it.


    ah okay, that’s good to know. i didn’t realize a private forum existed till I saw your post, and from there, I couldn’t seem to pull one up for the life of me…  after seeing this page below (which breaks down “support costs”) I figured it was something you needed to pay for, even for Pro customers:


    @Piirus: purchasing pro theme will give you access to private forum. No need to buy membership to get forum access. I see that you have access to private forum. You need to log in and then post it. If there is still problem then you need to send me your password through

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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