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    Hi All…

    It appears that, when I create Posts (BLOG entries), using a newline in a paragraph (i.e. in a paragraph block, using shift-Enter instead or just Enter at the end of a line, to keep lines together), they appear fine on the edit screen, preview and the blog page, but the lines appear all merged together into a single line on the Home page, something like:

    On Home page:

    This is line 1This is line2This is line 3

    On Blog page – after clicking the Post title and viewing on the Blog page:

    This is line 1
    This is line 2
    This is line 3

    And note that, in this forum, I used the same shift-Enter to keep the above lines together (i.e. without a paragraph separation between them as occurs when pressing Enter which created a new separated paragraph)

    I’m surprised such a bug exists in these themes – will this bug be fixed? Is there a workaround?



    @cmd: Hello there,

    Can you please post in your site URL so that I can look into the issue?

    Kind Regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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