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    I have other problem now, when i scan my website with, I found my administrator name.
    Look the report :

    The line is in the “First Level Links” :

    I asked in French wordpress forum and somebody saying me “I found this administrator name “mygale151080” in the HTML page, he saying me, it’s the theme who do it, you know what?

    It’s not good for the security that somebody know a administrator name (I created a new admin account (mygale151080), change the alias and the visible name, delete the other account and transfer the page on the new account, and scanned the website and you know the result).

    Before to change the admin account, the name on the scan page was the old administrator name. I understand nothing…


    @kriss26: Hello Kriss,
    Can you please clarify the issue you are having?
    Do you mean to say author mygale151080 wasn’t created by you.

    The theme does not create an author or change the author name.

    Please elaborate the issue so that I can help you out!
    Kind Regards,


    Hello Skandha,

    Nooo of course, you readed too quickly what I writed.
    For verify my cookie banner I scan my website with and in the report, you can see my administrator name.

    Mygale151080 is a new administrator account that i have created to test, because, the old account appeared on the scan.

    I don’t know if it’s clear but the administrator name can be found with a website scan, look it in the “First Level Links” tab

    You can find the line

    Best regards 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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