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    Dear Sapana,

    I will check (my photos are not necessarily taken by iphone, and I would need to google a way to remove it without Photoshop, and test if it works), but it does leave me wondering:

    1. I indeed started leving the photo title at some point when uploading, as I’ve read this adds security in a sense that your photo cannot be that easily “stolen” (would still have a record of the original file name somewhere);
    2. Does it mean that that removing all the metadata means your photos are “free” for anyone to take from your website, as there is no link to the original file anymore (meaning, you have to choose between right display and at least minimal IP protection)?
    I am not an IT person, and may be misunderstansing the concept of metadata, but that what is sounds like…

    Thank you,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)