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    Hello Sakin,

    Should you have a look to the code of this page i’m creating please:


    As you can see the meta name description and keywords are pushed down in my code to lines 706 and 708, after all the css, script and so on.

    Is this a problem for rank the site with search engines or is a normal beahviour, due to the customization i made to the css…
    If it’s a problem there’s a way to solve it…..
    I use ALL in one SEO plugin, but the “problem” (if it is) was present even before activate it.

    I’m using a child theme.

    Thanks for your attention.



    @donestefano71: It doesn’t matter until it’s above <body> tag.

    If you are using Child theme then you don’t need to use Custom CSS box. You can simply add all your custom css to child theme style.css. This is better then custom css if you are using child theme.


    Thanks Sakin for your answer.

    1)The problem is that some css does not change if i put the code in my child theme style.css, and yes if i write it in the custom box. I think this is due to changes i’m doing to responsive.css too that only apply if i write in the custom css box. I think i should import the style-reponsive.css to mi child too.. Is it possible? and how to do it??

    2)All the css code appearing above the metas keywords belong to some plugin too, like table press and fancybox. You think i can write the css for this elements in style.css of my child theme, or for the fact the plugins are outside the theme folder this option will not work?

    3)You say: It doesn’t matter until it’s above <body> tag.
    So you think that even if in my html code there’s a bunch of stuff before body tag and it looks not “elegant” at all, this content will not affect my ranking with the searches engines??if you say this, then i can forget the point 1 and 2 and leave my site as it is.

    Thank you


    @donestefano71: Then you can just add the normal css in your child theme sytle.css where as for responsive just leave it in custom css box.

    The css use by plugin, you cannot remove from inline.

    Yes, it will not effect if you are have good title, content, permalink and keywords.


    thank you very much Sakin, you are very kind, as usual.

    Best wishes

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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