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    I am working with Audioman Free theme.

    I want to have a blog (posts) page with a right column, and a static home page that does not display posts and without a right column. Ie. The home page and post pages are different pages.

    Once I specify a page as my post page, the layout options are overridden.

    This does not seem possible in Theme Customisation either. The options are to have a right column everywhere, or nowhere.

    Is there custom CSS that I can use to disable, or enable on the page I want.

    Any advice appreciated.


    @paulhetherington101: Hello there,
    The option to have different layouts in different pages is only available in pro version of the theme. I suggest you to upgrade to pro. You can check out the additional-features available in pro version of the theme.

    Kind Regards,


    Thanks Skandha

    I see there is a long list of additional features in pro; but its difficult to work out if they will give me what I require. If not, then I would rather consider upgrading to a different pro theme that does. I am not using this theme for audio, it just looked like it would give what I needed (top navigation, custom logo/parallax over header image, dark scheme).

    I want to create a blog page on my site which is not the home page, and for it to be my “Posts Page” and have a right sidebar. No other pages on my site will have a side bar, apart from the Posts Page and the Posts. This much I already explained. If you could answer these additional questions it will help me understand if the pro version of this theme will give me what I want:

    The nearest demo page to what I want is:

    (1) I presume the image at the top of each post is a featured image. Are there sizing options; can it be column width and can it be uncropped (forced column width x height; like an inline image?

    (2) Can the text be the full length of the post, not an excerpt? Will the <Read More> button be removed if there is no more to read?

    (3) Are there typographic (headings, font size) and colour controls for the “Posts Page”. (Not just on the actual Posts)

    (4) If I do have some <Read More> post pages, can I remove the full width header image and have a featured image or inline image that would appear below the post title. I see an inline image on this demo post, so I guess that can be placed above the paragraph text at the top, but the header image is still there:

    many thanks!


    Many thanks

    I managed to overcome all my issues and my website has been live for 2 months



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