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    I have been having great difficulty with having my images seen. It seems i have to make them very very small for the theme to allow them to show.

    Its a real shame as the whole reason for my site is to have big colourful images on show. If there is something in the preperation for the images i can do please someone let me know.

    I have been resizing them. i can use photo shop to do this- not that i am an expert on photo shop.

    I thought that they could be like 2kb and 600 pixels wide. Mine will not show if they are anything like this.

    Also once I get them in they might be low res but they are also featuring very small


    @Sally Starlett: Sorry I don’t understand your question clear. Catch Evolution Theme uses large images. See the theme instruction page
    Image Sizes:
    Featured Post Slider
    Width: 644px
    Height: 320px

    Custom Header Image for Logo
    Width: Flexible (recommended width 1600px)
    Height : Flexible (recommended height 400px)

    Can you show me your site URL and let me know your issues in detail, maybe screenshot

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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