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    I adapted the style.css for this theme on the website http://www.harmonie-wamel/nieuw. On my windows10 laptop all the colors are shown correctly (#ff5a00). However, when I open th same website on my mobile phone (Android), the colors in the menu are back to the original theme colors.

    Where can I change these colors, so the website is correctly shown?


    Hi @[email protected],

    Your site seems down so couldn’t check your site. It seems you’ve changed the color for menu in desktop version only. There is another element for the menu for mobile version you’ve to add the CSS rule to that element too.
    It is the ul with id=> “header-mobile-menu-block”.

    Add the CSS as below

    #header-mobile-menu-block li a {
        color: #ff5a00;

    Note: Add rule to this element as you desire.



    Too bad, that is not the section I want to change. It is not the menu itself, but the stripes in the top and the thin line above the menu (mobile).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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