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    I had submitted a request for assistance on the WordPress forum for this theme. Here is the response I got:

    Sakin Shrestha wrote:

    Hello Dinwoke,

    Thanks for using Fotografie Blog theme. There is no option to remove the text on other pages. But you can use CSS to hide it. You can add the following CSS in “Appearance => Customize => Additional CSS” box:

    .custom-header .section-title { visibility: hidden; }
    .home .custom-header .section-title { visibility: visible; }

    I have pasted the code and it worked. However, there is another challenge: when I open a post on desktop, it opens fully but on mobile, it cuts. You can take a look here:

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    @dinwoke: Add the following css and let me know if this helps resolve your issue.

    .custom-header-media .wp-custom-header img {
    -o-object-position: center top;
       object-position: center top;


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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