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    Hello Minal,

    Your co-worked gave me additional css for theme Threadwears Pro. In that theme the CSS has ta good result.
    I Tried to pratice this css in this theme. In this theme it looks like it has effect in the concept mode. After saving and looking to the frontpage: you see this has no effect.
    Can you please help me with this.
    You can see it here (in concept mode) en here (the result).

    The Css that has been provided was:

    Hello HansH,
    For reducing the gap between two patterns, please add the following CSS

    .wp-block-section {
    padding-top: clamp(42px, 5.5vw, 60px);

    And for the gap between the group heading and the content, add the following CSS,

    .wp-block-section .wp-block-group-heading {
    margin-bottom: clamp(21px, 3.5vw, 35px);
    position: relative;

    Hello Hansh,

    Those css are for custom class that you have to give on section(i.e: “wp-block-section”) and on heading (i.e: “wp-block-group-heading”)


    and if you want to work that css on every section at once you have to add class to it . and if you want to add spacing manually you can give from here.






    Hello Mina,


    Thank you for clear explanation. I think this works manually.

    Kind regards

    Hans Hagmeijer

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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