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    How do i replace the footer content Powered by WordPress | Theme: Simple catch with custom text


    Hi @ntillman

    Some gentle words of knowledge – it’s considered bad form (manners) to remove the footer credits to WordPress and the Theme creator in “free” themes. Most purchased themes will allow you to do this, but not “free”.

    The reason is that both WordPress and especially the theme maker uses these small credits to allow others to find the theme maker … hopefully resulting in some users who will purchase the theme. A reasonable trade for free use for those who can’t pay.

    I proudly display the theme creators on my sites as it’s the only way I can pay tribute to their hard work. Hope that all makes sense and clarifies footer modification questions for others (you’re not the 1st to ask this) 🙂 and I’ve noticed that Sakin is too much of a gentleman to answer directly.



    @ronmerk: Thanks Ron. You are great. I owe you a lot.

    : If you want to remove footer credit then why don’t you buy Simple Catch Pro and use footer editor on Theme Options -> Theme Settings.


    @sakin – My pleasure 🙂 and thanks for the great themes you make. Any small support I can give at this time is my way of contributing back to your users and your theme community.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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