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    i like to have a Header-Image on top of each side.
    is it possible and how can i manage these ?

    thank you


    Hello Ralf,

    I am not sure what are you talking about. Sorry, the Catch Kathmandu doesn’t have option to add image on top of each side. There is option in Pro version using Sidebar Header Top and add two image widget and then alight it left and right.

    But in free version, you only have option to use Header Right Sidebar. I am not sure how you have set up your site and how it want to look like. In Free version as well, you can have 2 images in header. One from “Appearance => Header” and upload the Header Image, this will be at the left of your site. Then you can add second image through widget in Header Right Sidebar from “Appearance => Widgets”. So, this is bit complicated.

    Note: M suggestion will be to upload single large image from “Appearance => Header” that combine both your left image and right image.


    Hello Sakin,
    i search for a business friend of ours a new theme and yours looks good. But we need the logo as a full wide header on each Side (corporate identity).
    Of cause, if it´s possible, so we will buy your pro version.

    I read your post about a image as headerbackground (custom css) and i test it. It will works but the imagesize it´s wrong. how can i change the size?

    Maybe you take a look at the side ElektroSchütte

    We like to have this image Header Backgroung as the background.

    Regards from Germany


    @bigrala: The size of the site is 1280px. So, you can make the image of width 1280px and add in.

    Why do you need to add two image. Logo and header image. Why don’t you combine both the image and add in as the single image. As background image in the responsive design is complicated. See this tutorial of responsive background image css http://sixrevisions.com/css/responsive-background-image/

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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