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    Sonja Waschke

    I bought the Fptpgrafie Pro Template.
    I am looking for a pesron who customize my website
    For example, I am not abel to put the 3 Pictures under the menĂ¼ at the front page.
    On my website I will show my guests my Phptpgraphs, I will learn my guest about some countries, I will introduce some tours to the people. I will sell some of my pictures
    I need a catch gallery square tiles under the categoy:gallery (not shown at the entrance side) How I have to do this ?
    I need some doprdown menues
    I need a footer without kategorien, Archiv and so on.
    I need no blog
    I need a wooshop

    If anybody can do this for me, please contact me.
    How much time will be needed to do this works ?

    Thanks Sonja


    @sonimom: If you are looking to get your site customized you may hire a Customizer and get your site customized.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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