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    Hi i am new to setting up catch evolution. I really have two questions.
    First one being I want to have images of my choice on the slider for my home page. Right now all I can see is the title of the post i have put into slider as the recent post is blocking it. Is there a way to have just the slider showing the images like it did on the orginal site with the flower and the wooden building moveing past? ANd please if this is poss how do I do It?

    Second question

    I want to have a site where i feature many products and have a link to buy these products… Like a link to the original manufacturers site or where they are being sold. IS it possible to get a plug in or something that allows me to take a small percentage of every sale made through me from the seller and also a percentage from the buyer?

    Thanks for any advice



    @Sally Starlett:
    Answer to your First Question
    In Catch Evolution Free theme, you only have option to use Featured Post Slider which is there to highlight your post.
    1. first you need to create the post and add featured image in your post. This featured image will be used for your slider.
    2. Then you need to add in your post ID in “Appearance => Theme Options => Featured Post Slider”

    Answer to your Second Question
    This feature in not there in our theme. For this you might find plugin in . Why don’t you just create a page/post where you describe the product and add “Buy Now” button which links to the main product page.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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