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    Good afternoon all,

    First, let me start by saying that I very much enjoy this theme; it is by far the best one I have used (hence why I purchased the pro version).

    I have the theme installed on two different sites with the exact same layout. However, on one site, in the customizer, when looking at the homepage, I am missing:

    – Primary Sidebar
    – Optional Post Sidebar
    – Optional Page Sidebar

    However, when I click on a post, the Optional Post Sidebar reappears in the customizer. When go back to homepage (in customizer) the option again disappears.

    To edit the Optional Page Sidebar, I have to click on the page in the customizer window and then on the left, where the customizer is, the Optional Page Sidebar reappears.

    This is a bit of a hassle and further, on my other site, I don’t have to do this; everything appears, no matter where I go on the site (while in appearance –> customizer), in the Widget Options.

    Both sites have the exact same layout. The only thing different is the content.

    Could this be a faulty install? WordPress Support said it might be b/c wordpress itself is working fine.

    Lastly, the site link short code in Appearance –> Customizer –> Theme Options –> Footer Editor is not working. The site link [site-link] is entered correctly in footer editor but does not appear on live site. The only thing I see is a period.

    Please help!



    I fixed the site-link shortcode by adding a Title for my blog in Settings –> General.


    I was able to make the Primary Sidebar appear by deleting the info I had under Secondary Sidebar and putting it under Primary Sidebar in Appearance –> Widgets.

    However, the Optional Page Sidebar does not appear in Appearance –> Customize –> Widgets when looking at the home page. However, if I click on any “page,” such as an item in the Menu Bar, the Optional Page Sidebar appears. It only appears when looking at a “page.”

    The same thing happens with the Optional Post Sidebar. It only appears when I click on a post, and does not appear when looking at the homepage in the Customizer.

    Is this supposed to happen? I ask because, as detailed above, on my other sight every Option appears, regardless of which part of the site you are looking at in the customizer.


    @pal_coche: Yes, there is issue in WordPress Customizer with these optional sidebars. So, you can go to “Appearance => Widgets” and add widget as per your need and then it will show up.


    Thanks for clarifying, Sakin.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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