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    This website is using WooCommerce with Shippo, Flexible Shipping (free and Pro).

    I need to do more testing but I think all of the functionality has finally been sorted out. However there is an issue with messaging in the cart. I’ve been told that this isn’t in the realm of Flexible Shipping or WooCommerce.

    The issue is that I think it is more confusing than helpful to have a prominently displayed message stating that “the customer matched zone Lower 48 + DC”. See the attached screenshot. How can this be removed? According to Woocommerce support I need to know which template file is responsible for rendering the cart page. They said:

    Edit the Template File: Open the cart.php file in your child theme or main theme directory. Look for the code that displays the message and remove it. The code may look something like this:

    <p class="shipping-message">
    <?php echo esc_html( $some_variable_containing_the_message ); ?></p>

    @catwingz: We don’t have a WooCommerce template in the High Responsive theme. So, I assure you that it’s not from our theme. Please check your WooCommerce settings and also other replated plugins for that.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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