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    I set this url to signage however it is viewing as signage 2. I have tried to change it but it reverts to signage 2. Can you please advise?

    Also is there a setting to remove the / at the end of the urls?

    I have run some seo tests to check the site and it is reporting multiple H1s. How do I manage this, can I do it through the theme or is this coding? Is this connected to the page slider i have on home page? http://www.creativesigns.uk.com

    Many thanks for your help.


    1. Url Problem – This issue may occur as you have signage url is already reserved may be in draft or something. When I visit your site with signage i.e. http://www.creativesigns.uk.com/signage, it redirects to homepage. If the signage was not available, it should have given a 404 not found error.

    2. Remove / at the end
    You can remove the trailing slash globally by going to “Settings > Permalinks”, and set your own custom structure without the trailingslash.

    For the generated links inside your theme you could try the following – this will remove trailingslashes for links that have been generated by the the_permalink() function for posts and pages.

    function permalink_untrailingslashit($link) {
    	return untrailingslashit($link);
    add_filter('page_link', 'permalink_untrailingslashit');
    add_filter('post_type_link', 'permalink_untrailingslashit');

    Note: Please create child theme for this. You can find more details on creating child theme HERE.

    3. Multipe h1
    Only one H1 per page is old. It was only valid for HTML4.
    In HTML5, you can have more then one H1 tag. That was issue only when you use HTML4 tags. In HTML5, H1 tag per article tag is good for SEO and we have carefully designed H1 tags with special attention on header tag and headings
    Catch Evolution Pro theme is build in HTML5, CSS3 and Responsive design. So, H1 is better for SEO then H2.
    You can also check this Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIn5qJKU8VM by Google software engineer Matt Cutts, who clearly states that you can use multiple H1 but don’t over do it. Also use h1 specific to heading and header tags.
    You can also check this article URL http://html5doctor.com/html5-seo-search-engine-optimisation/
    But if you really want to change it, you can change it by building child theme and editing it.



    Hi Mahesh
    Thanks for your reply. I found that video just after I posted on here.

    Thanks again

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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