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    Hi Sakin,
    I realize that and I have entered tex, but it still doesn’t show in string translation. Like I mentioned it worked perfect locally.


    @Pius: It’s should work as it’s working on our server. What is the difference in you live server. Maybe you need to contact Polylang plugin support.


    Hi Sakin,
    As far as I know my live version is identical to my local version. My live version only shows WordPress and Widget items in the string translation group. All Full Frame Pro and plugin strings are missing. You got any ideas?
    I’ll contact Polylang too.



    I did some more testing and I think we are getting close to the problem. Here is what I did. When I first started building my webpage I bought Full Frame Pro and installed it locally to build and test everything. I also created a child theme from it. When I was finished building my page, I uploaded a copy of Full Frame Pro and the child Theme via FTP. I Remember there that I could not update the theme trough WP (I have catch updater plugin active), it gave me an error message, which is why I replaced the FF Pro folder trough FTP. Now I tested my locally installed page a little further and realized with the child theme that the string translation actually does not work. The strings are all present in the String Translation in Polylang but they actually don’t switch on the front end page, when I change the language. I then switched to the Pro version and all was fine. It looks like it’s got something to do with the cild theme. Or I did something wrong updating to the latest version.


    @Pius: Yes, looks like there is issue with your child theme.


    Hi again,
    I am still fighting this issue. Was busy all summer and now got time to solve this problem.
    Let me quickly recap what the current problem is:
    Non of the themes homepage strings show up in the string translation using the child theme. I switched the child theme to Full Frame Pro to see if it works there. Moste of the strings appear and the language switch works fine. There are however, a couple of things that don’t work. It doesn’t generate the strings for “featured content”. If I change the text in customizer it would’t even change it on the side (standard template text remains).

    I am in touch with polylang and they think it’s got something to do with the wpml-config.xml file which I have in my child them directory.
    Here is what I have:

        	<key name="theme_mods_full-frame-pro-child“>
    	        <key name="fullframe_theme_options">
    	        	<key name="logo_alt_text"/>
    				<key name="featured_header_image_alt"/>
    	            <key name="featured_header_image_url"/>
    	            <key name="search_text"/>
    	            <key name="excerpt_more_text"/>
    	            <key name="footer_left_content"/>
    	            <key name="footer_right_content"/>
    	            <key name="promotion_headline"/>
    	            <key name="promotion_subheadline"/>
    	            <key name="promotion_headline_button"/>
    	            <key name="promotion_headline_url"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_headline"/>
    	            <key name="featured_content_subheadline"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_link_1"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_link_2"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_link_3"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_link_4"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_link_5"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_link_6"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_link_7"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_link_8"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_link_9"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_link_10"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_title_1"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_title_2"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_title_3"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_title_4"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_title_5"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_title_6"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_title_7"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_title_8"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_title_9"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_title_10"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_content_1"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_content_2"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_content_3"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_content_4"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_content_5"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_content_6"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_content_7"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_content_8"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_content_9"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_content_10"/>
    				<key name="featured_link_1"/>
    				<key name="featured_link_2"/>
    				<key name="featured_link_3"/>
    				<key name="featured_link_4"/>
    				<key name="featured_link_5"/>
    				<key name="featured_link_6"/>
    				<key name="featured_link_7"/>
    				<key name="featured_link_8"/>
    				<key name="featured_link_9"/>
    				<key name="featured_link_10"/>
    				<key name="featured_title_1"/>
    				<key name="featured_title_2"/>
    				<key name="featured_title_3"/>
    				<key name="featured_title_4"/>
    				<key name="featured_title_5"/>
    				<key name="featured_title_6"/>
    				<key name="featured_title_7"/>
    				<key name="featured_title_8"/>
    				<key name="featured_title_9"/>
    				<key name="featured_title_10"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_1"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_2"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_3"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_4"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_5"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_6"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_7"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_8"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_9"/>
    				<key name="featured_content_10"/>

    My directory name for the child theme is full-frame-pro-child.

    I am running the latest version of WP and FF Pro



    @Pius: I am not sure about Polylang issue in Child theme. Can you try activating theme without child theme and check in. It should show in string translation as it’s showing in WPML string translation.


    Like I tired to explain, if I use the child theme polylang doesn’t work at all for the homepage and the strings don’t show. If I use the theme it works except for the “featured content” I can’t even change the template text. The alteration of the “featured content” however works if I use the child theme.


    @Pius: Can you post in Polylang plugin support forum and let us know what they will say to you. We have only worked with WPML team. So, Polylang team should talk with this in regards.


    this seems to be clearly a full frame pro child theme problem. Also using the ff pro theme and not being able to change the featured content has nothing to do with polylang.
    Btw I have been in touch with the polylang support team for days now and they told me to contact catch themes.


    @Pius: Yes, looks like child theme issue. As child theme. Hum, why Polylang asked us to check in. As we don’t know know about how this plugin work in detail. So, they should be able to debug. When anyone from WPML plugin get issue, WPML always help them.
    Looks like there is issue with wpml-config.xml So, can you send me that file and your child theme folder name.


    just scroll up I sent you that on November 1st.


    @Pius: I need that wpml-config.xml and your child theme folder name to debug it. You cannot just paste in the code. As this edit will clear the format. When I check in the code above, the in problem with closing " in the following css. So, replace the following code
    <key name="theme_mods_full-frame-pro-child“>
    with the following code:
    <key name="theme_mods_full-frame-pro-child">

    Also your child theme folder name should be full-frame-pro-child


    great that was the problem (“). It all works fine now 🙂
    in case you want to check it out:

    Heading over to the donation page now.

    Thanks a lot


    @Pius: Nice one. I love the images in your site. Thanks for your appreciation and I am so happy that it’s been fixed.

    If you like my support and Full Frame theme, then please support by providing your valuable review at

    Thanks 🙂


    Dear all,

    I would be extremely grateful for recommendations on how to solve this in the Catch Responsive Free Version.

    Thanks so much for your great work!


    @chrsbat: Can you post in your site URL and let me know in which elements are you facing issue. For Catch Responsive Free theme, you need to post in Catch Resposnive Free theme forum at

    Best recommendation is just to upgrade to pro.

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