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    Hi there!

    I’d like to change the header text on my Posts page as well as the Project pages but after hours of digging, I’ve been unable to locate where to edit them.

    For example, on my Post page:

    I want to edit “News” to be the name of the blog, “Drunk By Tuesday” as well as edit the “from the blog” text.

    Then on each of my Project pages it’s automatically adding the text “Project Type” along with the name of the respective project. I just want the project name to display.


    Instead of the title being “Project Type: Artwork”, I only want it to display “Artwork”.

    Thanks so much for your help!


    @cadalinehelmgmail-com: Hello there,
    To edit the header text on post page.
    Go to => Appearance => Customize => Theme Options => Homepage/Frontpage Options => Edit the text Recent Posts Heading and Recent Posts Sub Heading and Publish.

    TO have the text Project Type you will need to use our plugin Hide Archive Label. Install and Activate the plugin.

    Go to => Dashboard => Hide Archive Label => Check Taxonomy and Save Changes.

    Let me know if this works out!
    Kind Regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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