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    Hi guys,
    I really what to change my site them to Clean Magazine Pro – currently using Catch Everest.

    However, there is an issue with Clean Magazine headers that will damage the site SEO wise.
    Site name should be <div> – now it is H1
    Page/Post name should be H1 – now it is H2
    Widgets titles should be H3/H4 – now they are H2

    At your demo site:
    The homepage contains 3 H1 title – should be only one H1 per page
    The homepage contains 19 H2 title…….

    I know I can fix that in the WP Editor but I do not want to lose future updates for this theme.
    Any chance you build this heading structure into the core theme?



    Hi Offir,

    Thank you for your consideration. I don’t think it will cause any SEO issue. Only one H1 per page is old. It was only valid for HTML4.
    In HTML5, you can have more then one H1 tag. That was issue only when you use HTML4 tags. In HTML5, H1 tag per article tag is good for SEO and we have carefully designed H1 tags with special attention on header tag and headings
    Catch Everest theme is build in HTML5, CSS3 and Responsive design. So, H1 is better for SEO then H2.
    You can also check this Video by Google software engineer Matt Cutts, who clearly states that you can use multiple H1 but don’t over do it. Also use h1 specific to heading and header tags.
    You can also check this article URL
    But if you really want to change it, you can change it by building child theme and editing it. I recommend you to hire a customizer.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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