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    I’ve noted a few other users have raised this with respect to other Catch themes, yet there did not appear to be any response indicating the plans for resolution.  Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) issues with the theme, as reported by Chrome Lighthouse and other performance metric tools, impact the performance score the site receives.  Performance scores impact SEO.

    I’m using Catch Responsive 2.8.4 on WordPress 6.0.  I have a featured slider on the main page (type page, 4 entries) and have featured content on the main page also (type page, 4 entries) and have a number of social links (that appear in the header).

    When running a Lighthouse report (desktop) it reports a range of CLS issues.  The main one results from the late rendering of the featured slider, however the list is

    • section#featured-content.layout-four.featured-page-content
    • div.cycle-pager
    • aside.sidebar.sidebar-header-right.widget-area
    • a.more-link

    Choosing a mobile Lighthouse report shows that the theme performs even more poorly across a range of issues, not just CLS.

    Is the theme still in active development?  Will these issues be addressed?  If so, when?

    It seems a very good theme is getting a little dated and isn’t keeping up with the times which would be a real shame.


    @1968phillip :  Sorry for the inconvenience caused. I will forward the issue to the development team and let you know soon.



    Probably the best thing to bring the theme up to date would be to examine your demo site ( using something like Lighthouse (in Chrome deb tools) or PageSpeed Insights, for BOTH desktop and mobile.  If all of the reported issues can be addressed then that would bring the theme up to 2022 standards.


    Thanks, Tikaram.  The theme does not cater for responsive images as well which needs to be addressed.  Modern themes make use of the srcset attribute, either on the img tag (older way) or the newer HTML5 picture tag.  As it stands, the theme delivers large images to small (mobile) screens, and this impacts performance scores which these days also impacts SEO rankings.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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