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    Hi There:

    One other thing I’ve run into with Simple Catch (Public) is when I use my IPAD, Safari Browser.

    Menu items for any child pages do not “drop down”. The main menu item for child pages doesn’t do anything when clicked on. (Parent menu items work fine as long as there is no child pages below them) I also tried a different browser on my IPAD, Restarted my IPAD just to be sure. No change.

    Child Page menu drop down doesn’t seem to work on Apple products. Anyone else run into this? Is there a fix – hopefully?

    I really like Simple Catch. The site I applied it to looks awesome, but drop down menu items not working for child pages on Apple products is probably a show stopper.

    Any help is much appreciated.



    Good News! Simple Catch is STILL an Awesome Theme AND will work with Apple and Safari!

    After working several hours into the early morning, I came up with the following answer for this problem. (even though I seem to be answering my own problems, hopefully they’ll be useful to fellow WordPress travellers wanting to implement Simple Catch (Public)

    So here’s what I found. I’m implementing Simple Catch onto a site previously templated by a “professional” (I’m not) He used a little know WordPress feature that allows you to create child pages under a menu parent “slug” (There is no actual/real parent page). This worked in his CUSTOM theme on all devices, including Apple devices, but not in a WordPress standard theme like Simple Catch per the problem describe in my original post.

    To solve the problem, I created a “parent page”, deleted the fake parent page slug in the custom menu and re-associated all the child pages under the new real parent page. Voila! Now the drop down child pages work in ALL browsers!

    Hope this helps others if they ever run into this.



    @ronmerk: It’s little strange issue that you encounter. If you could send me you site URL then I could check in. While build the menu try using “Custom Menu”

    To check if your site only have issue or the theme has the issue. Try checking in demo site

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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