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    Glen Pavelich

    Not sure if this is something you support, but I have a unique situation and any googling I have done has not given me the confidence I need to post my site live.

    I have an IIS8 server, but which is quite compatible with WP and Joomla since they are running the software called Helicon APE, and I have about 8 joomla accts on this server. This is my 1st WP acct so I’m in training on this one.

    I have set up the site on my local host, but when I did the fresh install I set up it’s db on the live server where the site will reside. This works fine and the config file is (should be) properly addressed once I upload via ftp the actual WP files.

    BUT, my question is how do I ensure that the site works on the front end once live regarding the internal urls for the images, pages, etc, which on the local host are addressed localhost/etc. I have found support on forums – some suggest major steps which I’m not clear on and may not have anything to do with my case, and then these ones that make it look quite easy. Do you mind having a quick look to see if this jives with your understanding of the process.

    This is more or less the issue. I found this tutorial –
    with this link (Do you think this step would work?)

    I have elected to have the db live in this case to circumvent the need to upload the db manually which despite all the instructions out there seems very complicated to me, especially since the WAMP has PHPmyAdmin and the windows server does not. So by connect to it live from the WAMP the db side of things is handled when I upload. But it’s the ‘what else’ that I need some advise on. (I will look into optional backup plugins, but at this point need to do it manually because of the way I have it set up.)


    @Glen: Sorry but this is nothing to do with the theme. We only support Catch theme issues. For database, you can you search and replace script. See this

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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