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    I recently purchased the My Music Band Pro theme and mostly I love it.

    But there are two nagging issues I just haven’t been able to figure out. Those being the following:

    1. How to have a banner/featured image on the top of every page, and then have a featured image below that for specific pages. That description is confusing, as I am not really learned in the lingo, but basically. On Gazette. I can set like a banner for the entire site.

    Then on each page, I can choose a featured image that displays, like a banner, just below it. I would even be willing to forego having both and instead take a different displayable featured image/banner for every page, but I have been unable to effectuate either.

    And so right now, no matter what image I put into the featured image slot on a page, it doesn’t display.


    2. Though it looks like there is options for this, no matter what options I select, the Sidebar is either there on EVERY page, or there on none. I can’t say. I can’t get the theme to display the sidebar on the front page, and then not on specific other pages, or even put the sidebar on the front static page (blog and home being separated), and none others.

    In sum, what options are supposed to let me have the sidebar absent on pages?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


    1: If you want to display the different feature image on top of every page
    step 1: Go to=> Appearance=> Header Media=> Select entire site page/post, Featured Image
    step 2: Go to=>Dashboard=> Page=> Edit Page=> select the feature image in right side of metabox.
    step3: Save/Publish it

    2: If you want to display the sidebar only on front page. Please follow this steps:
    step 1: Go to=> Appearance=> Theme Options=> layout Options=> Default layout=> Select No Sidebar
    step2: Layout Options=> Homepage/Archive Layout=> Select Right Sidebar
    step3: Save/Publish it

    Let me know if you find any difficulty or have any queries!

    Kind Regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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