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    Matt Schofield


    We’ve got problems with the Essential Content Types Pro plugin working properly in Personal Trainer Pro theme.

    In short, features like Featured Content and Testimonials render properly on the front page and are beautifully formatted and animated. But if we use the [featured_content] and [testimonials] shortcode within any pages, they’re not rendered/formatted in the same way as they are on the front page. They look bad.

    Here’s our front page with Featured Content and Testimonials activated –

    Here’s a page with Featured Content shortcode –

    And here’s a page with testimonials shortcode –

    Please can you look into it for us?

    Also the “Gradient Base Background Color” and “Gradient Secondary background Color” options won’t save/publish properly and return to default on page refresh.

    Thanks for looking, Matt


    @matt-schofield: First of all thank you for using our theme and plugin. The frontage of the theme renders the css from the theme itself but when you insert them using a shortcode from plugin the css of the plugin is loaded and not from the theme and the reason is the plugin can be used with any theme. We cannot make the design of the plugin compatible for just one theme. I can help you by providing additional css in areas where formatting looks bad.

    Regarding the color options : it looks like there is a bug, it will be fixed in the upcoming update. Let me know if you have any more issues.


    Matt Schofield

    Thanks Tikaram

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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