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    first of all, thank you for the nice and clean design of Catch Everest Pro.

    The issues I have:
    1. I would like to place social icons UPON the “header featured image” (set through “theme options”/”header featured image options”), at the top right side of the image itself.
    Its not possible from widgets (thorugh “header right sidebar” option they show up above the header image).

    2. to remove breadcrumbs from all the pages

    3. to diminish vertical space bewteen the content area and the right sidebar.

    4. if its possible, to make the main menu item in primary raw stay “clicked”/active color while being on the chosen page (not just be highlighted while choosing between the menu items).

    I cant give the website url – its not published yet, but could send screenshorts by email if you provide me one.
    Greatful in advance!


    @businessbabes: Thanks for your appreciation

    1. You can add social icons only in various Sidebars, such as header top sidebar, header right sidebar, main sidebar, footer sidebar and all. But for other places you need to build child theme and add though action hook. So, for this you might need to hire developer to customize it for your.

    2. Catch Everest Pro doesn’t have breadcrumbs by default. So, it must be though plugin. Just disable the Breadcrumb plugin.

    3. I don’t understand this. Can you upload the screenshot image anywhere and send me the link of screenshot describing the area that you want to diminish.

    4. It has active as well see the demo

    It’s very difficult for me to support you without the site URL. So, best option will be to upload it in demo sever and send me the site URL.


    Hi, Sakin!
    i got it withbreadcrumbs – read ur other answers on forums – they were”titles” and i managed to hide them using ur advise there.

    when it comes to the points 3. and 4., see the link, please – i uploaded the screenshorts for you with better explanation of the problem.

    waiting for your reply and thanks in advance!

    ps. what a pity with social icons 🙁


    @businessbabes: Thanks for your screenshot. But I need to check in your site as why it is not working as per the demo site. Have customize any CSS?


    of course, i did a bit 😉 afterwards, i created a child theme, so customization became safer. ANyway, could you be so nice to give me/paste here the pieces of css responsible for those two parameters:
    -the active main menu item – and the width between the main content column and the right sidebar?

    greets and many thanks in advance,


    @businessbabes: Hello Kat, please be careful while you change the css as you need to look for responsive css as well.

    The CSS for active main menu item is as below:

    #header-menu li:hover > a,
    #header-menu a:focus,
    #header-menu .menu .current-menu-item > a,
    #header-menu .menu .current-menu-ancestor > a,
    #header-menu .menu .current_page_item > a,
    #header-menu .menu .current_page_ancestor > a {
    	background-color: #000;

    But for the width between the main content column and the right sidebar. This is bit complicated. As this depends on the width of Primary content area and Secondary Sidebar area and you need to adjust at for each responsive width

    #primary { width: 570px; }
    #secondary { width: 300px; }

    Hi, Sakin! thanks! for the efforts to help, but i go on suffering and failing to solve those issues.
    1. menu: i have it the same way as it is in the code you pasted.
    And, unfortunately, it works (shows “active”/black color) only if its either main menu item (AND there is no subemnu items under it), or if (as i wrote before) to click on the subemnu-item.
    It continues not working, though, if to click directly on main menu item, that containes submenu in it.

    2. OF COURSE :), i tried to manipulate the primary and secondary width – it does move/change, but the the width between the main content column and the right sidebar does not change – it look for me as its is some kind of padding or wrap of both – sidebar and contant area – some idea how/and where to change it? Ah, you also made me concerned writing “you need to adjust at for each responsive width”…aiaiaaaai i thought its defined in percentage – no? the FEW exact width parameters should be defined? where can i find it??? in main css file i see just one set of parameters (general width, margins (that i have set on “0” and somehow it made no difference..) and primary-secondary areas).

    thanks in advance! and have a nice weekend 😀

    3. attacking 😉 all the paddings and margins i could find in css, i changed sth, wrong i guess, as suddenly appeared the white space bar under the main menu and doesnt matter what i do, i dont manage to fix this…in oither words, HEEELP, SAKIN!!! !S-O-S!


    @businessbabes: Sorry but it’s really hard for me to support the site which I cannot see it. Please hire developer to fix the issue for you. If you want me to support you with the site then you need to upload the site to live or demo site where I can view what is your customization.


    Hi, Sakin, to what email can i send you the admin acesss?




    @businessbabes: Email is not the issue. Issue is with your customization. We will not be able to track down the customized theme. Support forum is limited to help with the custom css and few suggestions. For detail customization you need to hire developer. try, and


    ok, thanks for the adivise. but could you, give me a suggestion where can i fix the appeared “white space bar under the main menu”? i believe the problem is in padding of “its Homepage Subheadline Headline” (thats how its called in “theme options”) It must be in css-i just dont know how its called there.


    @businessbabes: That is why I just need your site URL not the access. Ok I will email you as well.


    @businessbabes: Add the following CSS in “Appearance => Theme Options => Custom CSS” box to reduce the white space under the menu in Homepage.
    #homepage-message { margin-top: 0; }


    Sakin, thank you for the great guy you are, as well as for quick replies and a very professional support!!!

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