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    hi, my website is drlapco.com and im trying to edit the sliders for my theme, but whenever y try to edit the posts id’s or change the actual images its not responding, i tried having no sliders but it doesnt work, how can i fix it? what files should i reset to make it work?

    Thank you


    @drlapco: Thanks. I see that you have use Simple Catch Free theme and have customized it a lot. You have also removed our footer theme information Theme: Simple Catch from your footer. This is not allowed. You need to attribute our free themes as this is only attribution we get for providing free theme and free support. I hope you understand this and add back theme information.

    So, I will not be able to debug it due to customization in theme. When I check in our server, the slider is working fine. So, you need to check in your changes. Also you are using Simple Catch 2.7.1 and our latest version is 2.7.3. For instruction on changing Featured Post Slider, see this http://catchthemes.com/blog/videos-blog/video-series-adding-featured-post-slider/ and http://catchthemes.com/theme-instructions/simple-catch/

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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