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    I need to replace the header image with an HTML table so some of the areas will have links – I tried using an image map, but didn’t work.

    I need to replace this code, which shows up viewing the source:

    <div id=”header-image”>
    img src=”http://www.mywebsite.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/image.png&#8221; width=”1600″ height=”400″ alt=”” /

    With an HTML table that puts together the same image (that’s been cut up), so I can add links to some of the areas.

    Where in the template or style sheet can I make these changes?



    @Jeff: Sorry your question is not clear. So, can you explain with reference to your site URL.


    OK, Sakin.

    I am referring to this site: http://www.tdotargetmarketing.com/

    The banner that states “We help your business succeed through…” with the three buttons below is one image. The buttons need to be separate links to other pages on the site.

    I had the graphic cut apart, and have made HTML code to reassemble the graphic to include links to the buttons.

    I need to know how to replace that graphic with my HTML table, so that it looks the same, but the buttons are clickable links.

    Or, if there is another way to accomplish what I need to do, that would be great too. I would not consider an image map, however.

    Currently, the admin interface just gives me the option to replace the graphic, not to add code to the header.

    I hope this is clear?

    Thank you!


    @Jeff: For that you need to build child theme and create functions.php file in your child theme. Then copy catchevolution_featured_header() functions from custom-header.php file and edit the code as per your need.


    Can I do this instead and if so…

    I went to image-maps.com and mapped the three buttons on my header. I received an html code and am now trying to figure out exactly where to place it in the Wp editor Header php or ???

    Also, is there anything wrong in regards to using image maps to link the buttons vs rebuilding the header image as mentioned previously?

    Thanks – Jeff


    @Jeff: In both ways you have to do it by building child theme. As Custom Header only take single image.

    By the way I found this code in your header
    <a href="https://plus.google.com/103916497090918138727" rel="publisher">Google+</a>

    You are not supposed to add this in header. You can just add in Social Icon your Google pus link in “Appearance => Theme Options => Social Icons”


    Thanks for catching that in the header… regarding G+. So, I went to Youtube to learn how to make a child theme and I have a new question now…

    In the video, the instructor had me download a notepad and the latest version of WP which is 3.8 Then, I am instructed to open the file, click on Content, click on Themes and then click on twentyeleven… but, I am using catch evolution pro so am am not sure that I should take any css as instructed.

    Is there a child theme for catch evolution pro or am I just making this more difficult than it is? Big learning curve here but I’ll get it 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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