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    Hi, I’d like to remove the title and the excerpt text from the featured slider on my homepage, but if I don’t write the title on the post or the excerpt text, I still find the link (and a kind of white space that highlight the link) aside of the featured slider.
    How can I remove it?


    @alessandra: Fist you are not allowed to remove the footer credit link from any free theme. It’s the only source of recognition for free theme and support. But if you like to change or remove it then you need to upgrade to Catch Everest Pro theme, there you have Footer Editor Options to change the footer text. You can see more details about Catch Everest Pro at

    About the slider, all our free themes comes with Featured Post Slider. This slider is created to highlight your Post. So, you don’t have option to remove the link. If you are developer then you can adjust the function by build the child theme. But if you want easy option, then you can use “Image Slider” where you can just upload your image, title, content, link all optional. But this option is only there in Pro version. See this screenshot

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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