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    I hope I’m being clear in this question and asking it correctly. In my primary menu, there is an space at the far right to add a company logo. And at the far left, there are three small lines that when clicked, can open up a logo or… nothing. I want to keep the righthand logo but don’t really want the lines- not sure what they are called- or how to remove them from the menu. I’ve played around in Customize to no avail.
    Any advice as to how to remove this option?




    Hello @Ruthy, so far I understood your query you would like to remove the ‘three small lines’ icon on the righthand side of the primary menu bar of your site. Please note that this icon toggles the next bar that is used to display some other contents that can be added through Widgets section.

    So going back to your query, as a quick fix, you can remove this icon by adding custom CSS in Appearance->Customize->Theme Options->Custom CSS. Paste the following line of code.

    div#header-toggle {
        display: none;

    Else otherwise, if there is any easy control option exists in your Pro Theme Option then theme author would guide you through the process. Please note this is a quick fix and would work for you! .

    Have a nice day!


    Hi @Ruthy and @wensolutions,

    This is Header Toggle Option. You can add widgets to this area via “Appearance=> Widgets=>Header Right”.

    To disable this option, go to “Appearance=> Customize=> Theme Options=> Fixed Header Top Options” and check “Check to disable Header Toggle” Option.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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