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    I like the rockstar template, and I use it, free version, since a year ago in my personal site. I was trying to do the following thing: I use the CT video widget, in the after content area of template.Also the featured content, pages. I like to have this widgets ONLY in the frontpage, not in every entry o page of my entire site. It’s that possible with the pro version? I can’t see that in the documentation, neither in FAZs. English is not my native language so I hope to be the clearest possible in my question and description. If not, please, forgive my bad english, I can clearify, but if you see the site you could understand.

    You can check my site (spanish only for the moment) in this URL:


    @patoterito : You can disable the after content in all pages except homepage using the following additional css.
    Go to Appearance => Customize => Additional css and add the following css.

    body:not(.home) #after-content{
    display: none;

    The pro version also do not have the option to control the display of after content. You can buy the Pro theme as it has lot more additional features. Follow this link to know more about additional features of Rock star Pro theme.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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