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    Mattias Devriendt

    Hi for my site i would like to make a selection of my events to appear on my homepage (because it’s quite a list now) with a ‘more events’ button’ and show the rest on the page. I could work with categories but i die not find a solution… Thanks for helping!


    @mattias-devriendtgmail-com : If you would like to limit the number of items on homepage you can select the desired number of items from the events customizer under No of items.
    To display the more events button insert the desired text in the Button Text field in the customizer and insert the button link in the customizer. Let me know if this helps resolve your issue.



    Mattias Devriendt

    Hi Thanks, i tried to limit it to 3 but then the number of events on is also 3. So they number of events is always the same on homepage and Eventspage. How to make a difference? Show only 3 on home and all on the events Page.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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