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    I love the responsive capability of Catch Box, but Google PageSpeed Insights is rating my BibleTruths website Desktop=99 and Mobile=68 (which is too slow).

    How can I make these changes that Google PageSpeed Insights is recommending for the mobile version?

    • Eliminate render-blocking resources (Desktop=0.3 Mobile=1.56)
    • Enable text compression (Desktop=0.28 Mobile=1.35)
    • Remove unused CSS (Desktop=0.16 Mobile=0.75)

    Why are these so different between Desktop and Mobile? Could W3 Total Cache be handling them differently?

    Thanks in advance for your consideration of this issue. Hope and pray you have a blessed holiday season.



    @dcastle316: Hello David,
    The page load time depends on a lot of things and using caching plugin like W3 Total Cache are one of the ways to improve page load time.
    Also this article might be help you out.

    Kind Regards,


    Some time ago, I have written the article about speeding up WordPress websites.

    Although I managed to optimize my blog quite well and I have a guide which helps do the same other people, I’ve included one important (and even shocking for some websites owners) truth at the end of my post – website’s loading speed is not as important from Google’s point of view as most people think it is.

    I can understand that some people would like to get scores such as 100/100, 99/100 or all A’s in WebPageTest, but truth to tell, creating more articles which your readers find helpful and getting new backlinks from a big number of domains will help you get much more visitors than trying to maximize your speed scores…

    If you check my guide, I’m sure you’ll understand why I think so 🙂


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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